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July 3, 2020

Grace and peace be with you all,
You may have noticed I’ve been working at sending a devotional thought each week. Some weeks the information overload is too great. This is one. So, allow me to share a reflection that has been meaningful to me during this season. It comes from Convergence Ministries.
May it be a blessing to you as it has to me.
Pastor Gretchen

Imaginal Cells…

by camerontrimble April 28, 2020

The amazing part of the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly is that you have this middle space, the cocooning season, where your body literally becomes mush. You disintegrate. You lose shape. You lose everything that defined you as a caterpillar. You become goo. In meaningful ways, you die to what you were.

But here is the miracle: inside that deathly mush are imaginal cells. These cells hold the vision of a future within them. When all seems lost and nothing that was known can be known as it was, the imaginal cells give us the vision for moving forward. They know that with the right conditions and a little time, a butterfly waits to be born.

We are mush right now. We are messy, fragile, unprotected, insecure, unrecognizable, disoriented, developing, transforming, imaginal beings. We are in that liminal space between what was and what can be. Our becoming something better on the other side of this is not guaranteed. But with the right conditions, with the awakening of people to the beauty of our planet and the intimacy of our connection to everyone and everything, we have the chance to become something new.

Don’t dismiss this as flowery language or overly optimistic dreaming. If ever there was a moment for you to become who God has dreamed you to be, it’s now. Don’t miss the chance. Everything is being made new, especially you.

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